We developed these apps for various clients.

NXP TagWriter

NXP TagWriter - The "industry-standard" NFC app

Near Field Communication or NFC is a technology that allows wireless datatransfer at very short distances (up to about 3 inches). This is usually associated with wireless payments but there are many possible applications of NFC outside payments. TagWriter enables people to get started with NFC themselves. The app currently has tens of thousands of downloads.

Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town - An entertainment app using QR codes and Bump

Talk of the Town is an iPhone version of cLocked. For this app a partner worked on graphics and the look&feel of the app. Talk of the Town supports no NFC since Apple has not yet released any models with NFC - however instead of NFC, Talk of the Town supports Bump which allows bumping phones together to initiate a data transfer via the internet.


cLocked - An entertainment app using QR codes and NFC

cLocked is an entertainment app that allows people to create a message that remains "locked" until their chosen time. This message can be sent from phone to phone using QR codes and NFC. Messages can also be written on NFC tags - when somebody scans this tag they are directed to the download page for the app, or if they already have it, they are shown a countdown until the message's unlock time. This can be used for things such as parties, announcements, etc.

Zakelijk Rijden

Zakelijk Rijden - trip administration

Zakelijk Rijden is a platform consisting of a web application and a mobile app that allows users to do their trip administration. This can be used for fleet management or administration of private / business trips for tax purposes in the Netherlands.



For a large research institution we developed an app for the healthcare sector. The app was developed for an Android tablet. It comes with an external sensor that was developed by the same company. The sensor is used to measure some biometric characteristics and the app combines these measurements with the results of questions that the user is asked. The app can advise the user based on their responses and the measurements. It communicates with the sensor using Bluetooth and can validate the presence of the sensor, take measurements from the device and store them, perform calculations and present the results to the user. To speed up the calculations (which include an FFT), some native code was implemented which increased the performance by a factor of 5.


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