How we work

What you can expect from our collaboration?



When you approach us you probably have some idea of the app you would like to be developed.

In the first phase we work together so that we can fully grok your idea and the conditions:

  • What platforms should be supported?
  • Is there a server/cloud component to interact with?
  • Are there any external devices to communicate with?
  • What are important deadlines?
  • What other things are important to you?
  • We can also guide you in the decision to build a native app versus a HTML5-based app using for example Sencha Touch or PhoneGap. This differs for each project.


Project proposal

After getting clarity on the required functionality of the first version of the app, we can work together to devise the flow (wireframe) of the app.

We split the work into packages and do an estimation of the complexity of each part. This is likely interesting for you since you can then get a feeling for which parts are more or less complex than you may have thought, and we can use this as a basis for further discussion.

Eventually you will receive a quotation and an indication of when the app can be delivered. By working with a fixed price per component we can take some worry off your hands: any tricky bugs or integration issues will not have any unexpected costs for you.


Quick iterations

In general we deliver a first mock-up version of the app (sometimes with basic functionality in place) within two weeks. We can then use this to experiment and find out what flow works best.

Then, a cycle starts with regular deliveries from our side and feedback from your side.

The extent to which we make decisions on functionality independently depends on how much time you want to spend experimenting and testing. Some customers prefer to be closely involved, others like to get on with their business and only occasionally check progress. Both styles of development are OK for us.



When you are satisfied with the functional aspects of the app, it is time to more closely involve the graphics people. We often work with in-house or preexisting partners of customers for the designs. We also have connections with graphics artists who can work on the design of your app.


Testing and release

During the entire project there is some focus on testing; and at the end of the project this is intensified to guarantee a release that is as bug free as possible.

We will also guide you on the paperwork and final release of the app in the app stores (Apple App store and Google Play).

If all of these are to your satisfaction, you will receive the final invoice for the project. The app is not finished until you are completely happy with the result!



In the first three months after releasing the app, we solve any bugs that come up for free.

The app can be augmented with a crash reporting module that makes it clear whenever something inadvertently fails in the field.

For an Android app, a new release can be done straight away; for iOS apps we can choose to combine a few bugfixes before going through the release process again (which includes a review by Apple).


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